ProjectBazooka Featured in Local Magazine

Yes, Grab a copy of Malaysia’s First Internet Lifestyle Magazine~!! Adlin Rosli, the editor of Junk-Online interviewed us a while back and got us featured there. Special thanks.

ProjectBazooka featured in Surf! magazine

The magazine chose to republish one of my articles, too. The title, subheadline, and content of the article doesn’t match. But it’s a reproduction my original article about Zainal Abidin and Mp3 music downloads in Malaysia, first published at TheCicak. Click here to see it

KhaiLee featured in Surf! magazine

My hair was also photoshopped till it became Ah-Beng but I’m not complaining. I’ve had worse bad-hair-days.

Surf! Magazine

But the magazine certainly is interesting, with the likes of Mack Zulkifli and Jeff Ooi as contributors. It also has an excellent story on Music Mp3s in Malaysia, with a little bit of headbutting between Zainal Abidin and Jason Lo.

One comment on “ProjectBazooka Featured in Local Magazine

  1. khailee August 23, 2006 6:40 pm

    yeah im sending them an email to discuss perhap a free 1 yr subscriotion 😉

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