It Felt Really Good.

It was only 2 songs on a random open mic, my 2nd time performing my songs in public.
Some people were laughing, but I didn’t care.
Even though the guitar amp was booming,
and the mic had poor definition,
I guess something positive did happen.

My friends said some randoms were shouting “NO!” when I sang.
Which was a good thing, considering that’s a line of a chorus of my song “Death of the Excel SpreadSheet” (listen to it here)

And I felt really good about it, as though I got rid of a huge rock off my back.

But what really topped it off was so many friends came!
Even though you had to stay up late.
Will thank you all personally when I see you, soon.

For the drama of it.
I didn’t notice I busted my finger.
I should learn how to use a pick.

I definitely want to play again.
This time I will practice more.

But tonight, I can’t be more content.

One comment on “It Felt Really Good.

  1. Effa August 16, 2006 2:18 pm

    i missed a good show huh. congratulations tho!

    i can’t believe i’m gonna miss the rhapsody/tempered mental face-off tomorrow night…..!!!

    this is so unfair. 🙁

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