Just a Bit of Dreaming

Today, I am inspired.

1. Breakfast I sat in on a speech by Tony Fernandes, where he shared great business lessons for dreamers
2. Lunch was with 2 students who run BE_ADP , a business club which runs 4 businesses, posting a revenue of RM90,000 last year
3. Dinner was a really awesome live gig, and proof that great bands do pop by KL
4. Supper was with a filmmaker, a photographer, a writer, and a musician, two of them are starting a new fashion + accessories business, and the filmmaker is dead serious about one of my projects…

It’s 3.40 am now, and I have work in 6 hours…
But I learnt a lot today and I wanna share it, as well as some wierd pictures. Will post more soon!

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