We Are Scientists~ Join Me!

You know, I wonder if KL will ever earn a cult status as an indie stopover.

I also wonder how I manage to drive so safely yet dance so violently in my car to this NY band. I raved about them last February and their crazy music videos on YouTube. Now I will see them on Wednesday.
W.A.S rocks!
9th August, Zouk Mainroom, 8pm~

It costs RM60, but you might get free tickets from Think, or Junk. Go ahead, click those links and let me know if you’re going.

YuRi and I got free invites from Klue, out of nowhere. We were just minding out own Bazookas, and POW! we get free stuff. It’s awesome!

It’s like we are woodcutters who go to the forest everyday to earn a miserable living, and one day this rabbit dives into the tree and dies, giving us more food and money than chopping wood can. From that day on we wait under the tree for rabbits to dive into it, never cut wood, and starve to death.

Can’t wait for more rabbits!

Meantime, enjoy another We Are Scientists video.

One comment on “We Are Scientists~ Join Me!

  1. sweelin August 6, 2006 3:54 pm

    oh yay!

    cya on wednesday then

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