Malaysian Music Scene – No Disclaimers Please!

Yuri and I at ProjectBazooka never, ever, encourage local performers to get on stage and greet the crowd with excuses.

“Eh I sore throat dat day ar.. So if I suck sori ya.”

“We are playing 4 songs today, so you have to suffer for half n hour.. sorry ya.”

“We are quite a new band, so if we screw up, please forgive us.”

You guys have the balls to make music – at least give yourself some credit.

Being humble is good – but don’t let it destroy your standards. Malaise takes this self-victimizing standards-lowering stigma to the next level… he sez…

“Support the malaysian music scene!”. this is not an uncommon phrase if you associate with malaysian musicians. unfortunately it’s also one of the lamest things a local artiste could possibly say, who ever thinks they are doing their bit for manchester when they buy oasis? my point is, good music doesn’t need additional reason to be liked. malaysian bands need to think big and think universal. when you are good, it matters not where you are from, the support will naturally follow from the home front and beyond (but you have to work your arse off for it of course.)

Read the full article, here.

But I think the brotherhood rally is fine. Only disclaimers are too much.

If you know your worth, don’t let people expect you to suck… Keep up the great effort with music – but leave the disclaimers to the n00bs. You guys are better than that.

One comment on “Malaysian Music Scene – No Disclaimers Please!

  1. joshua August 10, 2006 12:45 am

    Oh no! I missed your reply! Now, it’s too late and I’m heading towards my uni exams!

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