Treasures from Amoeba Music

The last time I came back from California, I brought back 58 used CDs for cheap, from Amoeba Music. It’s the largest indie record store in USA, and the most fun place to buy and discover great music. I used to spend whole days, crawling in there with my notepad and shopping basket.

See photos of it on Flickr

This time around, I only got half a day, and 13 CDs, from USD2 – USD10 each….

I Really Liked

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
I love the way the voice just let’s go, catchy tunes too.

We Are ScientistsWith Love and Squalor
I can dance to this! Playing in Zouk next month.

GrandaddyJust Like The Fambly Cat
I am very sad they decided to stop making music as a band =(

Mull Historical SocietyThis is Hope
Mull Historical SocietyLoss
Can’t help it – I’m a fan, and I have all his albums now!

Not as satisfied with…

Ours – Precious
Majorie Fair – Self Help Serenade
The Concretes
Barsuk Records – Treats
The Reindeer Section – Son of evil reindeer
Cursed Reindeer shit.. I only bought it coz of MHS was involved – but that Snow Patrol bastard spoiled it all.

New soundtracks to my life!

PhoenixIt’s Never Been Like That
First heard them on the beloved Lost in Translation Soundtrack. This CD had a hint of a bit of a hint of the lastes Strokes CD.

Small Sins
Small Sins
Wah! This dude reminds me of French Kicks with all the synth and bass emotion I’ve listened to this 20+ times so far.

Magnet – the Tourniquet
Better than the previous album! No joke.


Ah… everytime I gush about CDs I wonder if I will ever, ever, buy anymore… new ones are so expensive. Still, Amoeba Music is still getting more and more profitable despite this online piracy BS!

For a deeper look, read:

+ FastCompany’s “What’s Selling in America
+ Businessweek’s “Amoeba’s Simple Music Formula”
+ “Talk About the Passion”

For other music+business related reading, I recently imported my old research into BlinkList.
Check it out.

One comment on “Treasures from Amoeba Music

  1. khailee August 1, 2006 1:59 am

    eeeh? im not sure – i only put it in my car…

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