Disconnected, once again. Help Needed?

I am quite glad I am reading a real book, paper and all. Any reassurance I am doing something other people do is welcome, considering how I have been told I “missed out” on…

* World Cup – didn’t watch a single game
* DaVinci Code – a friend verbally told me the story
* Movies – Harry Potter, LOTR, StarWars, and um, what’s that show…
* TV, downloaded or not – The OC, Lost, American Idol, advertisements…
* Social Fabric – Alcohol, romance, top40, ‘other people’, politics, cars…

Which explains my gradual social retardation. In a recent mamak conversation, this surfaced as

KhaiLee doesn’t take girls home, he only takes work home.

So I probe for a root cause…

Is it the internet? If anything, it has helped open my eyes, and understand what I don’t usually get to see.

Am I trying that hard to opt out of convention? No, that is not cool, neither is Holden Caufield.

Are my real interests too peculiar? Over-emphasis on ‘alone time’? Enjoyment of work affecting my enjoyment of play? I hope not.

My answer is decidedly simple – I DON’T MAKE THE TIME. My bad.

Yes, it’s getting difficult to relate to my immediate environment, and this doesn’t sound like holistic health. SoOooOOoo… to increase the quality of my co-existence with humanity, there are 3 things I will do (and I may need your help).

1. Assimilate with the social circles I am in touch with, to appreciate their tastes
2. Expand my social circles so I won’t have to resort to (1)
3. Engage in conversation and activity more often, to learn more about what my tastes are, and what my social circles are like

Yes, I need your help… Call me out for a drink! (non-alcoholic)

Friends, let’s catch up. I promise not to say I’m busy. And for friends-to-be, click here to get in touch.

Now, if only more people would be as shameless as I am, city life wouldn’t be so lively and cold at the same time.

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