Stumbling on Happiness

This book I had my eye on fell into my hands, courtesy of “Aunty” Wuen Fung and “Uncle” Yu-Ri, who bought it for me, upon sensing that I was a huge mess. It’s a Harvard Professor’s take on how our mind works, or rather, doesn’t work to our happiness…

Stumbling On Happiness

The only reason why I didn’t get put off by the title of the book in the first place was the names that recommended it (Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen Levitt, and Seth Godin)… I look forward to finishing the book.

But whether I get a lot out of the read or not, I’ve already stumbled on happiness for a bit, knowing that I have such thoughtful friends =)


I’m done with 35% of the book – and the author has just finished setting up the framework of the argument. Lovely! As Einstein puts it best, and as Mike reminds me often,

“If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it.”

If you are a critical reader, who takes notes, stops every next page to question what you read, you may enjoy it – it takes great care to be intellecutally rigorous, with humor, too!


Yu-Ri and Wuen Fung are not related to me, just older than I am, so I make joke of it. My real aunts and uncles haven’t bought me any books, only durians, and um, Ang Pows.

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