SF Farewell w/ Fiona Apple and Damien Rice

I just got back from seeing Fiona Apple and Damien Rice at Sleep Train Pavillion @ Condord.

Damien is emotional and timid as usual. And what’s “Blower’s Daughter Part II” (???)

But Fiona, WHOA, she is 100X more angry live!!! What an angry woman. I doubt she is getting any action with the kind of songs she performs… dammit if I screwed up a date with her she would probably stab me to death with a microphone.


I’d hate to have regret in my luggage but I’m kinda ticked that I didn’t plan this trip better… coz I missed a chance to…

1. Perform at an intimate – not amplified – open mike
2. See RADIOHEAD LIVE playing some secret new tracks (opening by Deerhoof). AAARGH!!

I’ll deal with it. Console myself with dumb quotes. And I guess watching good singer-songwriter under the stars with Bay Area breeze helped ease the pain.

Once again, I’ve a feeling I’ll be back here, sooner than I know…

Special goodbye hugs to John Acuros, Maria, Hankern, and Anita!

One comment on “SF Farewell w/ Fiona Apple and Damien Rice

  1. khailee July 6, 2006 10:53 am

    Hoa, yup that’s the guy. Not sure if he is my friend, but it’s the same dude =)

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