Quick Update from UC Berkeley

Visiting Google tomorrow – they are tight on security and we signed wierd documents in preparation for the visit. Apparently they haven’t allowed any Berkeley kids to visit for the past 3 years. Will be having lunch at their infamous cafeteria – yum! Will take the opportunity to slip away, steal whatever UFO technology they are hiding, and start my own Internet behemoth. Hope their Google spiders don’t pick up on my lame joke.

Made tons of bad jokes – Speaking of jokes, I was at a Vietnamese place having dinner. My friends asked, “What are you having?”, I said, “Maybe the chicken noodle, but I’m not sure… I’ll just go with the pho.” If that didn’t make you bawl in laughter, eat this – “Let’s take a pho-to with our food!” hahhha I wish I can recall the other jokes I made, but I think I hurt some people in the process so let’s all forgive and forget.

It’s all coming back to me now –
Don’t you just hate Celine Dion? Anyways, seeing the familiar San Francisco stuff – like homeless people and MUNI, reminds me of Michiko, Shimal, and Mark, my ex-roomates back in the day. And I just met with Maria, who travelled to New York with me, and gave me a most memorable goodbye the last time I left SF. Revisiting fond memories can hurt. Desensitizing myself to them doesn’t make sense either. Sigh.

Met fantastic new people! – The other award winners from HongKong, Thailand and Philippines are great, great people. Also, the american “tour guide” John, and Malaysian Star rep Lee Yen have been great too! I hoep to post up pix and write more soon, and I will. For now I just wanna say I met a really lovable girl, too ;P

Back home ? – The new MindValley website is up – look look look! and We Are Scientists may be dropping by KL in August (thanks Jeff for the heads up) and a girl was recently raped in Centrepoint carpark!!!(a place I too often go for meals n drinks_. I am in Berkeley now so it wasn’t me.

More updates to come… but what’s been happening to u guys so far?

One comment on “Quick Update from UC Berkeley

  1. lyrical June 27, 2006 8:29 pm

    Hey sounds like a really interesting time over there. Catch up with you soon yeah

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