Travel Update

28th floor HSBC headquarters, Hong Kong.

The steel and glass makes me feel like I’ve just been swallowed by a robocop on steroids. Pretty cool. But there’s bad news.

We don’t have a table or podium, which means, we can’t have a backup script to peek at. And they won’t provide us a eisel or flipchart to display our artwork and board.

Okay gotta rehearse now. I’ve pasted some journals here, which I will probably edit later….

6:15 pm – 10th June – Hong Kong, Marco Polo Gateway Hotel

I’m in the hotel now, after a long day of travel-related inconveniences. My most memorable one was a 25 minute long queue for the aircraft toilet.

We checked in our hotel, and quickly dashed for food. Ended up in McDonalds, just to give wierd Rice burgers and McPork a try (btw there was no McPork, only “Ham”Burger).

I loved the hotel room, even though furnishings were old-school. 4 pillows on a bed? They know my needs well.

It’s times like these I notice just how fast time goes by. Suddenly, I’m on the road again, on some new adventure.

7:00 am – 11th June – Hong Kong, hotel bedroom

I dozed off, for a good 12 hours. Had many wierd dreams, like someone throwing a dart through my hand, and some less painful ones.

I greeted the Philippino Gold winners at breakfast, they were cool. I have a very good impression of Pinoy people. High energy, good humoured.

They reminded me of the people I met the last time I was in the Philippines, early this year. Thinking about it now, it seems so long ago… but I usually find reminiscing a useless exercise in frustration, and try not to do it.

as Lea, a Philippino roman catholic who throws out buddhists quotes, always reminds me, “live in the present”.

2:38 pm – 11th June

Had some chinese lunch, and met my competitors. 3 other teams. We were joking about poisoning each other, serving each other “tea”… I’m feeling the game is on.

Amongst them were kids who have represented their countries to Texas for business plan competitions, who attended Entrepreneurship conferences in Stanford.. high achievers with excellent communication skills.

I’m proud I am amongs formidable foes. Apparently this HSBC contest was more “big thing” in their countries. They win more prize money, and have tougher competition to win.

But I’m not scared. Right now, I’m just happy I found someone to join my in my quest to sell my Disneyland ticket.

Will go make final touches to the script now.

7:00 pm

The pressure was on. We worked our script, timed, non-stop. Now we have to find 2 things – an internet connection, and somewhere to print. The hotel prints a b/w A4 for HK8, and we have 28 papers to print! So we went for dinner at some high-tech Kim Gary, and walked the streets for a solution. Should we pay the price for ill-preparation? Or should we sacrifice time looking for a solution we might never find?

We ended up in the business center in the hotel, and paid the price to do our best in a contest we might not win. I’m as sure about winning as I was in the Malaysian finals. Maybe because I don’t know my enemy. Right now, I only know that I have a lot more practising to do, and I have to get my brain to shift gears.

Funny how your mind can be the one thing you have control over, and the one thing you can totally lose control over at the same time.

“I am my own worst enemy”

11:39 pm

Sam is practising much harder and I am. I can hear him reciting his lines in the toilet.

We agreed, that tomorrow, our presentation is a play. We will go up and play out our roles, and deliver our lines with emotional precision. We are actors, and tomorrow, we go on stage.

The stakes are pretty high. I can win either “Best of the Best”, or “Best Presentation” – . Best of the best will bag me a Palm Smartphone. If that doesnt fit into my tight pants I might sell it.

If I win “Best Presentation”, I’ll get a PlayStation Portable. That’s equivalent to a DisneyLand Pass (in my eyes), and will suffer the same fate (of being pawned for cash).

Sometimes I wonder, what would I do with cash, anyway? Will I save it so I can more? Hedge against future uncertainies? Get myself into an endless cycle of consumption? I know cash won’t buy me what I really want, but if im not mistaken, there’s Mastercard.


I won the Palm Smartphone PDA thing, and lost it – stolen from my luggage =(

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