At airport right now

2 random girls gave me their unused prepaid internet cards, so here I am. I look forward to some sleep.

I will be in HongKong from June 10 – June 15, Berkeley CA from June 16 – June 23, the San Francisco till July 1st. If any of you come my way please drop me an email with your phone number, we will meet up.

Also, I realise my images aren’t showing up in internet explorer. Should’ve tested.

A few random thoughts right now…

Should I start a work/business blog, separate from my personal blog? Should I type in American English or British spelling? How should I use BlinkLife for real, and what’s stopping me?

One comment on “At airport right now

  1. Your sister in KL June 22, 2006 11:50 am

    Yeah! Why aren’t you using your blinklife blog? Give me 10 good reasons…

    And add ghiradelli chocolate to that so i will forgive you. ;P

    San Fro sounds like fun! Come back soon Khailee, we need someone to somersault across the office with all this floor space.

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