Uncertainty can be painful

Last weekend was good, spent it with MindValley peeps in Tioman.


We reviewed our direction as a startup, went snorkeling, and in a way, said goodbye to Anita, who finished her term at MindValley. (See you in Berkeley, Anita!)


In 2 days, I’ll be leaving for a business plan presentation in Hong Kong I’m not prepared for. Worse, they have DisneyLand in the itinerary.

On the brightside, I will be visiting Google headquarters! What a dream come true.

Also on my happy list is a visit to GAP (with private dialogue with their VP, Int’l Business Dvlpt and Director of Social Responsibility), panel discussions with bay area entrepreneurs, night time seminars on innovation, entrepreneurship, negotiation (and even meditation) by UC Berkeley faculty, and meeting the other Young Entrepreneur Award winners…

But for now, my mind = 2 things.

1. Pack n prepare for the trip
2. Finish MindValley new website

By the way, I moved in the new office at KL Sentral, and it’s lookign nifty. Will be posting pictures, and potentially starting a business blog when I get back (July 1st)… Okay back to work


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