Friends in Indonesia Safe

I just got news that all my friends in the earthquake affected area is safe. I was especially worried about Hambar, who works and lives there.


His home was destroyed. He now stays and helps victims at a community center (for children to learn about arts).

Thanks Renny, Wulan and Arifah for keeping us posted.

I guess it’s kinda hard for me to comment, considering my home and lifestyle is mind-numbingly comfortable. I admire how resilient people like Hambar are in the face of disaster, and hope be as strong when the time comes.

One comment on “Friends in Indonesia Safe

  1. saran :) June 6, 2006 9:28 pm

    Glad your buddy’s alright!

    Gwahhh im in the midst of my semester exams =/ maths was soo hard compared to literature and that’s like a…woah.

    Hahaa anyways Laundry Bar’s really popping up!! Awesomeeeee =P Though, I’ll be flying back to Miri on the 11th of June and won’t be back till after 2 weeks. Have funnnn!

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