Galleriiizu – If You’re in KL – You must Go!

Today, I had a real good peek into Malaysia’s undergound art movement…. That’s – 2 ‘L’s 3 ‘I’s….


Please read this whole post so you know why I’m begging all of you to come next Sunday!

I spent 4 hours there. Can you imagine? It helped that they offered free refreshments, great music in the background, aired short films, had an art auction, and I got to meet so many lively people! Including the founders Izu and Suzanne… so friendly and REAL about what they do… Also…

Rena had her work exhibited – really cool stuff! See more of her work here.


And, I found a use for my hard earned salary… ended up spending RM163... on what?

RM88 – They were auctioning artwork… I won 2 prints of artwork… One huge one from The UseAgain Exhibition, which is a super interesting project – where artists put together artwork from a miscellany of other artwork previously rejected by clients in advertising… and another print by a local artist, Mohd Noor (click here to see it!)


RM20 – A shirt from YuanGarden. Visit their site – admirable – 5 guys building silk screens and selling shirts wherever they can. I will be meeting up to yamcha with them soon.

RM27 – Another shirt from EightyFourCube.

RM28 – A Territory art book thingy featuring more UseAgain Exhibition stuff.

All this really inspires me to make MindValley’s new office into something orgasmic.




You can buy goodies that will make your friends will ask “Where did you get that from???” in protruding-vein-envy.

A major art auction at 2p.m – selling prints to fine arts to photographs… at bargain prices! And auctions are so much fun.

A party to celebrate a great 3 weeks of Art Lelong… Party begins at 6p.m where everyone will be bringing their friend’s friend’s friend.

Very good vibes going all around – I guarantee you will be invigorated to be extra productive in the week to come.

You can expect to be surprised – Especially if you think Malaysia has no youth-culture/ artistic talent…


If you’re not convinced, check out what the event is really all about, their website, and the photos I took! Yes, click here to see some quirky photos.


One comment on “Galleriiizu – If You’re in KL – You must Go!

  1. i-ming May 16, 2006 10:44 pm

    thanks for blinking us, i been to izu, pretty cool place, might think of exhibiting there.

    thanks again

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