Ode to my mother

I did a whole lot of exploring over the past months… a lot of effort. Personally, I am quite happy about the way things turned out for me.

While many variations of this quote is used:

Behind every successful man, there is a woman

For me, it means only one thing – my mother.

She is a one-woman support system, taking care of all the little things, and providing me with everything else. When combined with the power of my dad, I am pampered with the perfect lifestyle to move forward with my ambitions, uninhibited. I am very lucky they stand behind how I spend my time, and support my most risky endeavours.

Our family doesn’t make a big deal about celebrations and showing outward affection much, but I find the silent, emotional ties very very strong.

happy mother's day

Even though I don’t spend many hours a week with her, I make sure she knows what I’m up to at all times, and I always get her input on the decisions I make. I have meaningful discussions about entrepreneurship and philosophy with her, which I hope, will prevent her from going senile.

Of all people I’m quoting Jeff Bezos again…

When you’re a little kid, you have no idea how much your parents love you. – Jeff Bezos

I think I have some idea… coz you have made it pretty clear. Thanks for that. Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

One comment on “Ode to my mother

  1. Hoa May 26, 2006 2:38 pm

    So sweet and lovely. U’re so lucky with your supportive mom. keep taking care of her that way. Thanks for inspiring me by those touching words.

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