Young Socio-Political Entrepreneur Competition + Flabby Waist

I’ve been called in for an interview as a shortlisted finalist for FNFMalaysia’s Young Socio-Political Entrepreneur Competition based on my funding pitch for If I win this, theCICAK gets RM5000 worthof funding =)


It will be used to break theCICAK into more minds via writing competitions, writer recruitment drives, t-shirt n badges giveaways, and some top-secret viral marketing tactics I’m dying to test out.


A few friends and I are headed to Pangkor (a Malaysian island) for a spontaneous trip – THIS WEEKEND! This a concern, as I have been neglecting my atheletic-ness for AGES. 2 days is too short notice for my body to get in shape! I will have to pay my dues in full effect on the beach, and suck it in. Literally.

One comment on “Young Socio-Political Entrepreneur Competition + Flabby Waist

  1. saran :) April 29, 2006 10:55 pm

    khai leeeee!!! congrats weiii =P im sure u’ll win this hands down!

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