The Nasal Way to Billboard Success

I flipped on MTV to see yet another nasal-sounding high-key soft-falsetto-ish American “modern rock” pop singer. His name was Daniel Powter. The music is pretty normal pop stuff but heck he sounds like he is singing with very tight underwear on. When will the Five for Fighting, Maroon5, and James Blunt kind of voice go out of (mainstream) fashion?

Thank the almighty lordy heavens I’m going to Amoeba Records in June. Will grab back a new truckload full of music. (Proof that I’m not a music pirate)


Anything you want me to buy back for ya?

One comment on “The Nasal Way to Billboard Success

  1. saran :) April 18, 2006 7:28 pm

    heyy they sound quite good bahhh >.

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