My secret plans which kept me busy, revealed!

What a long month! Very productive, too. My time was well spent on the following items… new design

I worked with award winning 16 year old designer Ikram-Zidane to roll this out in time for our feature on National Public Radio in the USA.

Do you like the design? See it here.

NEXT STEPS: Get advertisers, and launch newsletter. Will charge companies to show their unique opportunities to theCICAK’s young Malaysian genius readers.

Produced a corporate video for one of MindValley’s partners

We had 6 days, no script, and no equipment. Lucky we roped in Adrian, made the best with what we had, and dedicated 15+ hours of editing.

The end result is not award winning, but it serves its purpose to introduce a system we built for a partner.

And I had fun playing director/ producer for a bit.

NEXT STEPS: Th next MindValley video will allow me more creative freedom, time, and resources: Eg. a video to showcase out job opportunities and what it’s like to be with MindValley =)

Launched a Malaysian part time job community

Fellow MindValley programmer pranced up to me one day, and asked me if I knew of any job community focusing on PART TIME jobs, freelancing gigs, and projects… The next weekend, we rolled one out.

Will it work? Read more here.

NEXT STEPS: A whole lot~!! I have only completed 5% of my marketing plan =P

Gave a presentation at the Asia Business Forum

When I was first invited to speak at Effective Press & Media Relations: Asia Business Forum alongside the Chief Bureau KL Reuters, the CEO of MediaPrima, and DDB PR, I had a strange feeling I wasn’t 100% qualified.

I was expected to speak about blogs and how to use them in PR strategy.

I threw my hat over the fence anyhow, using this as a chance to add another tool in my marketing toolbox.

The new media and internet marketing experience gained from MindValley and running theCICAK was my starting point, and I had to spend many more weekends researching, to connect the dots with PR.

I also had extra help of Christina Wong, a PR consultant from OmniTeam, who handles some big guns, like Nestle and Guiness.

The outcome?

I had great material, but didn’t clock in enough rehearsal for the delivery… the crowd still thought it was good =)

I’ve got the full transcript of my presentation, a video, and additional reading. If you are unfamiliar with blogs and PR, you may find these links useful.

Launched my new blog,

I’ve been planning this for ages! Finally, it’s launched. Get the details here.

I’ll be blogging about the latest Malaysian internet startups, opportunities, ideas, and articles on internet entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs… hoping to attract the attention of like minds, and better understand and promote local internet startups.

My first two articles are… “The Malaysian Google”? Cut the crap, AsiaEP” and “Get Funding For Your Internet Startup in Malaysia : Part 1

NEXT STEPS: Blog blog blog~!! I have loads of drafts ready. Can’t wait!

Settled the Japanese Rock gig this coming thursday

Once upon a time I discovered a hidden, underground Japanese-influences subculture, deep in the darkest corners of KL…

Now ProjectBazooka bring 3 of their best bands, with their costumes and popular J-rock tunes to Laundrybar…

Expect a night of cosplay, Japanese fashion, covers of the most popular Japanese rock songs, and Mayumi, an actual Japanese emcee who will host the event in her native language!

This Thursday 15th March at LaundryBar. 

NEXT STEPS: Redo ProjectBazooka website, and launch a new gig alert service.

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