Best Night Out in a Loooong Time…

Hey wow check out my pix of drunken friends I took a Zouk yeah right sorry I’m not happening I simply sat around with some friends and had the best night out in a looong time…

I had a great night before too, with Anne, Vishen, Anita and Jueny – it was a pretty good week. But tonight really topped it off.

It was a night of many crazy laughs, light brainwork, and stripping off what we usually wear. It was a full on orgy but not in a sexual sense. What happened was…

YuRi, his gf WuenFung, Nicole from Rhapsody and myself met at some random gweilou-ish place, and made a ruckus “debating” about things we couldn’t possibly know anything about, like sex, philosophy, moral stances, work and ambition, relationships, and when AbelChin came, business.

We were like pseudo-intellectuals engaging in Woody Allen-esque merriment, throwing out our “deep shit” but keeping it light, almost making a satire out of it (or at least I was). I’m sure no one left any wiser, but I’m sure we left with something to think, and maybe smile about.

Mostly because, I find it really hard to get good company, and a comfortable place to seriously, let go. Clubbing and noisy pubs don’t give me that sort of connection with the company I’m with. I mean, I love dancing, but tonight, it was a different dance altogether.

While I know I may not live the exact same night again, I look forward to more nights similiar to this.

SO – if anyone wants a night out – no loud music – no acting cool – just raw, crazy conversation. You know where to reach me! =)

One comment on “Best Night Out in a Loooong Time…

  1. khailee April 18, 2006 11:23 pm

    must be a pretty big check yo

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