Will be Flat Out~!!

It is “that time” again, where everything happens at the same time, topped off with stuff you have been putting off… it’s not like I haven’t been swamped before, and things could get busier still…


Tomorrow morning I leave to Seremban for the post-camp for that British Council thingy. Will be spending 3 days there, action planning for a youth project.

I want to make the best out of it, to recoup opportunity cost of of my unpaid leave. Tomorrow would have been an important day at work. So much stuff is happening and I am really missing out =(

Project Bazooka is picking up, and we are staging a gig at Laundry on May 4th. YuRi and I also have many plans for the Wiki to roll out.

HSBC Young Entrepreneur Awards finals is on Wednesday – A 15 min presentation of the business plan which got me thus far… which leaves me almost no time to prepare. Samuel and I are under a lot of pressure as favourites to win, and because I feel I truly deserve it. I even made a damn SUIT for this occasion, man.

If I win, I get a dream come true – A study tour in Berkeley, which means I get to go back to the Bay Area, and visit some friends, and shop shop shop!! For clothes, shoes, and music hehe… I haven’t bought anything in AGES!!

After that I have to write a funding pitch for thecicak.com. in a project competition on “Young Socio-Political Entrepreneurs”.

I can’t wait to get a good long super power nap at the end of next week… talk soon peeps, wish me luck.

p.s, Did I mention I cut my hair off? I am not used to it… =(

One comment on “Will be Flat Out~!!

  1. Adam April 2, 2006 1:23 pm

    naked… neh, dun wan to cause a riot ~

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