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John Mayer commented at Dion Hinchcliff’s Web2.0 blog a while back, about universities paying its faculty to use the internet to collaboratively write open-source textbooks, which can be accessed, downloaded, printed, and shared by students for free.

I’d love to discuss this. Anyone thinks this idea has potential? Why, or rather, why not?

By the way, it’s not that John Mayer. The comment was off a Web2.0 blog, not BluesGuitar 2.0. Anyways, this is his own words:

“What if all of the 4 year colleges and universities in the country (about 3000 of them) put up $1000 per year into a pool that is paid out in bounties to faculty to write open source textbooks – IOW, textbooks that are electronically given away free to students as PDFs, HTML or whatever?”

“Assume that each author is paid $10,000 per book which means this system would fund the creation of 300 new textbooks every year. That could cover a LOT of courses and would start saving ‘students’ thousands of dollars per year. Boom, you just lowered educational costs forever with pocket change from universities.”

“The textbook publishers go out of business, sure, but since the new textbooks are electronic and free – the collective intelligence of the teachers can be used to keep them up to date or to allow them to be “mashed” up in a rip-mix-learn/wiki sort of way.”

See the original post here: http://web2.wsj2.com/struggling_to_monetize_web_20.htm

Btw, check out theBigBazooka, which is also a online collaboratively written, free-to-use book about succeeding in the music scene.

One comment on “i d e a . . Using Web to Create Social Value

  1. Effa March 27, 2006 2:14 am

    Potential, yes. Surprisingly, i believe that implementing the idea in a country like the U.S. will actually be more difficult than if you were to do it in malaysia. Now why would i say such a thing as that…?

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