. . . It seems the ruthless serial killer has struck again.

The victim, a gold-colored fish I will call GoldieHawn, was not in the pond this morning when I checked. GoldieHawn was last seen 2 days ago swimming happily in the pond.

Although the killer was wise enough not to leave behind a spine, and hang out at the crime scene this time around, (see previous episode) my detective-instincts tells me GoldieHawn is dead. The killer is taking my fish out one by one…

What I need is a plan. How do you catch an enemy that won’t come when you are there? Set a trap? Find the beast at his lair? How do I keep my fish safe in the meantime? I can’t cover my pond forever…

This is an artist’s impression of the killer.

This is a message for YOU, bub!! I know you are reading this, YOU.. you.. you’re probably snickering at me right now huh? Through your.. your ugly mouth… Goddammit… If I find out you even touched GoldieHawn.. I will… you.. YOU F&$@ER!! I will rape.. turn your loved ones into handbags!! CHEAP HANDBAGS DAMMIT!! You hear me? Huh? You.. you…. *ahem*. Um, guys please leave a comment if you have information that may assist investigations.

In unrelated news, I just completed my first week at MindValley. I have been given a new assignment for next week, related to the future of blogging. Will talk more about it next week.

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