Carebare Quotes VS Thom Yorke Wisdom!

Which book should I publish?

“Chicken Soup for Your Lazy Ass” – Real life stories of people who don’t take charge of their lives and suffer a great deal for it. OR “1001 Feel-Good Quotes to Make You Smile and Not Do Anything To Help Yourself”.

I guess you can say I’m not a big fan of stuff that gives you cuddly good care bear feelings, but don’t translate into real action.

Perhaps some of you can relate to episodes in your own lives… When do you really learn?

I remember mine as bitter pills you swallow, rather than care bear comfort. It’s when you are beaten into the ground and have to haul yourself up when you really get tough.


Picked that one up during New Year’s.

What works for me?

While some “inspirational quotes” really make me sick, some really stick! I want to share something I read from an interview with Thom Yorke which haunted my brain since high school, something that has always pushed me to do better for myself.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility is being superior to your former self.” – Thom Yorke, Radiohead.

Did he really say that or did I fabricate that memory? I got online and searched for it. Click here to see where I found it… in a Buddhist website!

From some other websites, here is something else Thom said, something I constantly try to remind myself of…

“My girlfriend has this quote in her sketchbook: Remain orderly in your life so you can be free and chaotic in your work. I think basically you lose it when you destroy your brain or destroy yourself emotionally or burn yourself up.”

I also compiled some other Thom Yorke quotes into a BigBazooka article which I hope will inspire people to make music.

But.. will people take action? Am I secretly a care bear?

I’m very interested in quotes you currently live up to. REAL hard, ugly truths, which make you fierce.

Please share your favourite BITTER PILL quotes with me by leaving a comment =)

One comment on “Carebare Quotes VS Thom Yorke Wisdom!

  1. khailee March 25, 2006 11:02 am

    ah.. thanks hoa.

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