My fish… MURDERED!

Every morning I would walk to the small pond at the back of my house to feed my fish. This morning, I was met with horror…

dead fish!


… who could have done such a thing? The neighbour’s cat? Bigfoot in Johor? What beast? What immortal hand or eye?

I had to piece the clues together.

11a.m Early-February… My mother spotted a long greyish reptile camping beside the pond. When she approached it, it sped off. We thought it was a Malayan Fish Crocodile/ False Gharail

2p.m Mid Febryary… My skeptical father saw what looked like a lizard/crocodile mutant with his own eyes, and failed to catch it with a net. Considering we lived next to the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, he guessed it ain’t no city lizard…

Noon Today… Shortly after discovering the remains of it’s prey, KhaiLee the brave saw the beast in the water! Their eyes met. The cold-blodded thing swam away, slowly, and disappeared.

I had a pretty good look. Its body was greyish, about the lenght of my forearm, excluding its long tail. It had a snake-like head with a long, forked tongue…

Sad to say, I was so mesmerized, I failed to capture it with my handphone camera. But I am quite sure it is a Malayan Water Monitor, pictured here:

(Image and facts taken from

Malayan Water Monitor

Large greyish lizards, adults grow to over 2m long and weigh up to 25kg.

…they eat anything that they can swallow. From tiny insects, to crabs, molluscs, snakes, eggs (of birds and crocodiles), fish including eels up to 1m long. They also eat birds, rodents, small mouse deer, even other monitor lizards.

I don’t know where the bastard went, where it could be hiding, and when it will return… but I will be ready…

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