I Redesigned theCICAK

HAVE A LOOK I just whipped up a new theme I am personally not so satisfied with, because I didn’t get to use the evil colours I love… but it’s okay. I will use it to redesign my site or someone else’s another day.

I also did 3 artsy banners. Here are the mini versions of what is on the site itself.

On the actual site, they rotate when u refresh every now and then. Apperently, rotating banners confused people. We are now left with the monkey. Also, I cannot imagine how anyone can like the previous site better. GO SEE IT NOW.

p/s: Everytime I design, I get reminded how much I hate Internet Explorer. Download Firefox now, and experience the web for real.

One comment on “I Redesigned theCICAK

  1. saRan March 14, 2006 8:20 am

    yes la yes la i know my blog now looks soooo much prettier! =P

    hehe thanx 😉

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