Ah My Mistake

Twilight last night, I was seeking truth and purpose – and I sort of found it in MindValley.


It is an organisation with a deeper mission. I envision I can contribute more with them, than on my own. They have built a vehicle similiar to what I described in Google and IDEO. It came across like a page out of…

First, Break All the Rules

Good to Great

Built to Last

…..which are very good reads. MindValley was co-founded by a Malaysian, too! (which surprised me to no end) Read about MindValley here – and the co-founder’s blog, here. The chief web developer, named JiangTi, looks like a senior from my scouting days back in SMKDJ. Maybe he is.


I got so excited, I sent in a job application with 2 bloody typos. As usual, I wanted to write from the heart (leaving all the soul-draining business talk aside) but not-as-usual, I did so very tackily.

I may just have to change my identity and apply again if they don’t like me =(

One comment on “Ah My Mistake

  1. khailee February 25, 2006 1:08 am

    saran, i know you are excited to see me, but dont lose sleep over it k =P

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