The Internet in ACTION

Yo. Here is something I am writing for some friends who want to run youth projects. Please help me see if the sites I recommend really are any good, and give me some ideas and suggestions.

All links and tools introduced here suppposed to be:
1. Easy enough to figure out if you aren’t an internet geek like me
2. Doesn’t require payment of any sort!!


Project management can be hassle especially when your project involves friends from faraway places. Use to assign tasks, set milestones, and simplify communication… It is suprisingly simple to use, for all the features that help!

Collaborate with others in writing documents together! Whether it is content for a website, an article, or a book, “wikis” is equivalent to an always online Word document your team can edit, check for changes, revert to old versions etc… Give and a try – beats emailing a colourful Word document back and forth…

But if an online discussion forum is what you need to set up, try

Got a petition in mind to make a difference? can help! But use to check if your petition is any good (as well as see which petitions just don’t work)

Does intellectual property and need protection? Anything from a booklet you helped write, to music, art, and web content… provides alternatives to the stale copyright laws, including free, customisable lisences to help you share or protect your work, as well as find other works.


Sometimes, getting connected with the right people happens by chance. Increase your chances by joining You get access to a global network of over 100,000 others like you, and other projects you can complement. The site also provides tools for creating and managing your Projects and Organizations. For business/ professional contacts, social networking sites like and work better.

So how do people find you, learn about you, and trust you? Your webpage? Even if you had one, how will people find it? With , you can share your expertise with an interconnected online presence… It is fast, easy, focused on building guides for anything at all. While helping others with your knowledge, let them be the judge of you and/or your organisations worth.

If you want to present MORE… Blogs have given a voice to many individuals and organisations, building online reputations people can get a “feel” of, compared to a static website. Use or

They will make a “web-log” or “blog” for you. I recommend it for these reasons:
1. People can comment or link to your blog/ blog posts, giving your page gets more attention from search engines.
2. The way information is presented (like a dairy) adds a human dimension to your webpresence, your organisation, or your project, compared to static web pages.

Now, with and you can have video and audio presentations on your website (or blog) in no time!


Always remember, that the internet can be grossly overrated, especially when youre not using it. Have fun!

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  1. khaiyong February 27, 2006 9:53 am

    Different strokes for different folks they say.

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