Once bitten twice bitten

The mosquitoes here manage to get past my fur.
I learnt a lot today. My ego got beaten up again which is awesome. Will have to put the pieces back together again for tomorrow though. Learnt a lot about dropping my obsession with quantifying everything I can’t put my finger on, and how to NOT prepare for speeches which don’t require preparation.

Had fun playing someone’s guitar in my room while everyone had fun outside – alone time is important.

Sleep now – we are painting some houses for poor people. Then some Fiesta Celebration I need to help coordinate to celebrate our immense contribution to the Phillipine community. hurhur

One comment on “Once bitten twice bitten

  1. khailee January 25, 2006 11:18 am

    CONGRATULATIONS! …for getting thru my spam filter. it usually blocks unrelated self promotion =PPPP
    kidding. good on ya

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