Wait a minute I supposed to be in the Phillipines.

Yes, and I am. I didn’t lie. But someone clearly did!! They told me this was some jungle retreat – no wireless access, mobile reception – just rainy season, trees, and a lot of mud.

None of the above is true (except maybe that it has a lot of trees) – The place is civilised, and luxurious to some extent. It has wireless throughout the basecamp. Eeash and I thought I could escape my online self. Worst of all – I dressed like Tarzan! I brought clothes so junky, ill fitted… only suitable for trashing. Ugh.

By the way, I shopped in Manila and bought an RM38 shoes. And the camp, the people, so far is pretty awesome. I will get back at the end of the month and meet up with you guys and tell you more. Till then I am not sure when I will be online. Maybe they will take us to the REAL camp tomorrow. If I dressed like crap I want to be treated like crap!!

One comment on “Wait a minute I supposed to be in the Phillipines.

  1. tobias January 17, 2006 12:10 pm

    hope you’ll have a blast in the phillipines, i’m off to the french alps on friday for 3,5 months and i’ll probably have some problems with internet access but i’ll send you a note or two once in a while. keep up the good work til next time…


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