Will not be posting till End January – here is a LOOONG post

I realise this ‘blogging’ experiment, has gone a bit further than my initial plans. I’m feeling OK about it now… but very soon I will be positng nude pictures of myself and talking about my nose picking before lunch, and show you PICTURES of it! The lunch I mean. It all begins with this bloody emo post I don’t even care to edit – I don’t have time anyway. I’m off to yet another adveture…

My dad will be sending me to KLIA in an hour from now. I’m off to what supposed to be the terrorist training center of the world – Southern Phillipines – Mindanao.. That statement may not be true, but it doesn’t matter – I will be like, in a shallower part of the jungle, of course, and too occupied with geek activity and ‘community work’ to train my terror.

I just sent a long email to my longtime friends… Dudes like Kenneth, ChitSoon, WenShan, BoonChun, Mervin n such, we have been close for up to +/- 10 years. Just thinking that makes me feel kinda old. It’s 2006 now. I’m expected to be an adult or something to that effect.

The past weeks got me thinking a lot about these kinda things… especially when I was sick last week, and the past few nights… I know I’m kinda ‘young’, but really, I have no problems like, dying now. Looking back at all the episodes of my life, I had a pretty good run. And an awesome soundtrack too. Which reminds me – I haven’t gotten over a Girl called Eddy, and it’s been more than 6 months, too.

I thought about JingMin, about Mr.Yarabenic and the San Francisco gig, about Sydney, Ayer’s Rock, Taylor’s ADP, SMKDJ… all the people I shared a laugh with, all the shit I got myself into…

My plan is to upload every photo with a memory attached on this website, and write about these reoccuring flashbulb memories. Then, I will dig through old email inboxes and spam everyone about my website! All this means something, and I want those who shared pieces of it to know that.

On the other hand, all this means nothing. Even though looking back, and thinking about the future gives me a sense of now, a lot of those invested emotions I can dig up feels like sunk costs – shit I should not let bother my strides into the future. I mean, building my bloody autobiography takes time – time which I can invest in the future – like reading my Google Reader, or working Project Bazooka.

Which reminds me – I neglected Bazooka a bit – I could have had the Wiki in place, but I failed to deliver. Spent the time stressing about 43 other things, then moping about my own sorry ass, half-asleep, then cracking my brain to finish the Business Plan for Round 2 of the stupid contest. I hope I get into the final round. People will listen to me present my 20 minute stand-up comedy, and I might win RM10,000 and appear in the news again.

Well, everyone is awake now. My mom is talking to me. My dad is shoving ‘handy’ items into my pockets. I don’t even know what is planned for my 2 weeks in Phillipines. I hear about some debate, house-building, jungle camping, and a coastal cleanup. It feels like going to Outward Bound School all over again… CAC47, CAC49… I was there twice as a young teen (which I’m not anymore.. sigh).

I overpacked all the shitty, comfy, clothing I could find. If I lose all my luggage I will have to wear Versace at home. I will be keeping a lil journal, and you guessed it – bloddy blogging about the damn camp – when I return. It is almost as though I have no one to talk to HAHAHHAAHA but haven’t you noticed how effecient it is to ‘talk’ to everyone at once?

I actually think about all of you – and tell myself “Oh I should catch up with XXX some day…”

I’ll iron out my crap when I get back. I should catch up on sleep. Maybe in the plane. See you all at the end of the month =)

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