Fair and biased (?)

Thumbs up to Think’s list of the top 20 albums.

It wouldn’t have mattered if I was on the panel (they did ask me) because the results would be no different. I have raved about Broken Social Scene, Feist (also part of BBS), Bright Eyes, Doves, Furniture, Sufjan Stevens, and Sigur Ros to too many friends, especially when they are held prisoner in my car.

Think details their selection process well – I like that. It indirectly explains why 99% of Malaysians don’t know half the bands listed =P

Personally, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be there – I am confident, music with such substance, would achieve mainstream success if marketed to the mainstream the same way Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, Gorrilaz etc (also on the list) exemplified.

Sometimes we have to travel to the edge of ourselves to find our center. – Buck Ghosthorse, Lakota Medicine Man
(quote taken from Evelyn Rodriguez’s blog)

One comment on “Fair and biased (?)

  1. khailee December 28, 2005 10:45 am

    i was lucky enough to get Feist for USD8 at Amoeba Records when in San Francisco, but I imagine rock corner to have em all =)

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