What’s the problem???

I am at a mamak. My lips part to mutter “Our local music scene…”

Depending on who shares the table with me, explanations and such, usually in a rant form will spill all over the table, creating a mess of both agreeing and disagreeing arguements in vehement, bitter, sentiment.

Then I ask, “what can we do about it?” and some matter-of-factly-but-not-really statements, hardly in the form of suggestions, break the momentary awkward silence.

I prefer a problem defined well and agreed on, before taking stabs at solutions.

If I have the time and brainpower, I always try for a holistic approach to problem definition – mapping out cause and effects, adding context and chronology, identifying pertinent variables (especially those under my control), and always checking for logcial fallacies.

While it will be imperfect like you and me, the approach can be very useful for stimulating debate, and mostly, search for solution for messy organic problems (and problems which justify the damn trouble) – such as why the Malaysian music scene ain’t bigger than it is today.

I am working on building an easy, step-by-step methodology to identifying solution, using the Malaysian music scene as guinea pig. Anyone interested in sharing some thoughts drop me a line, please.

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