How does it feel?

What if I don’t bother to structure my posts, arrange my thoughts, and narrate effectively when I blog. Look, I even used the word. I used to hate the word.

I’m pretty dazed and maybe a bit upset. I can’t pintpoint at what exactly, but I’m not keen on rationalizing it right now. I’m impressed by the simple genius of this project. A bit confused and inspired by a 4 hour long conversation with Mun Fye. I’m IMPRESSED off my shoes by Meor. Bought his CD and listening to it as I speak. I’m not sure why I feel Momus, Arab Strap, Bob Dylan, and Bright Eyes… I know one part is the sincereity in his voice. Very thankful to Rachel, Arthur, Kim, Mel, Jeff, Mun Fye, Rena, Lezel, and Matt for their super support of the launch. OK. Let me begin.

It was the launch of Project Bazooka. I let myself down. I’m not sure why… I know we did achieve a lot, but really, it was a little bit shit. Don’t want to talk about it. You know what MEOR IS SO AWESOME

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