How Did The Single Mingle Night Go?

I was crouched in the backseat of my car praying.

Ok maybe I wasn’t praying, but I was bending over backwards looking for the shirt I chose to wear for the night.

In an hour’s time I would be thrown into a room with 50 women to approach, and I forgot to bring my skull shirt… Grr….

I did however, bring a backup outfit which made me look like almost corporate. I didn’t particularly like it much, I felt dressed up as somedoby else. But it would do.

It didn’t matter, coz the rest of the night was damn good.

I had so much fun speaking to everyone. Made a few friends I can call out some night else. Managed to choose 3 decent girls for Yu-Ri, too. (click to read why).

I didn’t discriminate. I spoke to everyone, including the reporters, the organizers, the camera-women who took these polaroid shots…

There were all kinds of women! I was expecting ego bloated celebrities and such but there wasn’t any.

Some were looking for husbands. Some could handle jokes and teasing well. One or two of them stood out as confident and funny. Others were more reserved.

All of them were real, Klang Valley women, who were keen to meet other, real, Klang Valley men.

We need more nights like this, and more speed dating, dating parties etc for the “Oh I’m so busy/ stuck up/ shy/ tired” city folk.

City life can get really cold and isolated.

Especially when you career is your everyday focus. You can walk the same streets as hundreds of people, share the same building, but never meet any of them, or share a laugh.

3 comments on “How Did The Single Mingle Night Go?

  1. Khai Siung February 8, 2007 5:10 pm


    Its about time you get a new girlfriend. I remember Khai Yong making jokes to other friends saying you not looking for chicks cos you’re gay. HAHA!

  2. Albert Ng February 12, 2007 9:29 am

    DANG. Supposing your heels and toes were at even level in all pictures, this would be a good party.

  3. khailee February 12, 2007 9:53 am

    i was on stilts. hahah im kidding not many giraffes that night

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