Let’s talk about sex.

That was the tagline.

I just want to share what I got out of the film, Kinsey. It’s still fresh – just watched it with Rachel, Stella, Arthur, Hee Jung, and Stella’s sis Joyce.

The cinematography – awesome, and the storytelling fantastic, especially when the story itself isn’t the ‘typically’ exciting. Encapsulated here is thought-provoking stuff the show said to me:

    Although sex is part of human nature, society, religion, and ignorance penalises a lot of it, often causing a person, and others around him/her much grief. Example: A Malaysian parent saying “I disown you if I find out you play gay!”

    But isolating sex in extremes – independent of its emotional, societal, and ‘moral’ implications can also cause much grief. Example: While your boyfriend enjoys a wholesome relationship ONLY with you, he secretly has sex with your cat (it’s only physical)

    As science defines, measures, and explains – it affects an individual’s perceptive reality and that of society – it works vice versa just as strongly. An example: We used to jail and punish people claiming the world to be round.

    (Note that none of the examples above were in the movie – the movie has more vivid examples!)

    Lastly – While Alfred Kinsey laid the foundations for most of what we know about the science of sex – science of LOVE anyone? (Perhaps some things are beyond science)

I RECOMMEND THIS SHOW FOR EVERY CONSERVATIVE MALAYSIAN especially if you think you are open minded. Also recommended for anyone who is interested in how good film making can get the messages mentioned above across so clearly.

I also borrowed the DVD back – the front bit of the show had really good ‘interviewer’ tips! Will come in handy as when I conduct my in-depth interviews for Bazooka Research!

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  1. Poh Si December 26, 2005 10:35 am

    Yes, yes. Selfish, selfish dude. It matches your banner very well.

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