Peter Drucker (1909 – 2005) *sob

I am slighty sad. I wonder… if he had lived for another 100 years, would he write more books? What would he have thought of?

Peter Drucker influenced everything we know about managing a business in some way or another. He passed away 2 weeks ago, but influenced a lot of what today’s ‘conventional’ business practices are… what white collar workers think of as ‘the norm’.

He helped shape much of today’s ‘conventional business practice’ – in a good way. Sadly, from what I gather, many Malaysian white-collar workers shape ‘conventional business practice’ the wrong way. Leading to mediocre, incompetitive companies.

I have been warned, many don’t think critically enough about what they know, and take knowledge for granted. They take what they know ‘form experience’ and wield it around like broadswords, often enough, trivialising ‘theory’. However, feed them a hundred thousand dollar consultant, and they lap up like dogs.

While knowledge can be attained through a variety of means, one must be wary of what ‘conventional wisdom’ is – the knowledge you readily accept as the truth without testing it, or being critical of it.

How much of it is still applicable? We are living in disruptive times.
For example, where new-school marketing lit goes against evergreen marketing principles, who do we listen to but ourselves?

While my father and I shared a good laugh when I said it is up to me to take over Peter Drucker’s place, I’d just like to express my admiration and thanks to Peter Drucker, and share Tom Peters – another old guy who’s brain only gets more dynamic with age.

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