Yeehaw!! Good end to a bad week!!

I mentioned my painful involvement in a market research project yea?
Well, it’s over now.

I walked out from the mini auditorium in uncomfortable business attire and received a phone call. I was accepted for that British Council thingy! An all expenses paid trip to Phillipines – 10 days of activity and debate ooohyeah

I drove to Lezel’s place and spent the next 3 hours sifting through her music collection, coming across all time favourites and some goodstuff she has burnt for me – thanks Lezel!

I had a lot of fun in her house just talking crap and acting like an idiot. I haven’t enjoyed such release in ages. This continued in a room in Concorde Hotel, where Fiza was celebrating her birthday, as my close friends were reminded once again why I don’t need alcohol to have fun.

After 12 hours of catching up on REM sleep, I don’t remember anything – the bizarre dreams, OR what happened the night before… only that I was mocking indie music fan behavior, accusing Josh Groban of being the name of a serial molester who grabs and gropes, ‘fisting’, and the involvement of goldfish in anal sex.

Ok, its all coming back to me now.

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