incoherent observations from the architecture in helsinki gig

“I’ve got souvenirs but yesterday can’t mean too much, Have we missed an opportunity?” – see their website its really cool – btw thats lyrics from the song ‘Souvenirs’

was having convo with a dude who had a car door open to kill his car in the parking lot so the only gig that happened for him was in the police station. poor guy, he rated architecure in his top 10 for 2005.
its the first time zouk houses a band. wondermilk people did the art.
the band didnt put up a goodshow. upon the aforementioned dude’s recommendation i listened to their mp3s they sounded waayyyy better than they did that night.
if they were malaysian theyde be booed off stage or worse.
but the crowd went wild.
im sure 10% of those who were shaking to the music sincerely loved it and the others just wanted to be indie.
ive been to many aussie pub gigs i found architecture pretty typical.
but the mp3 were much better.
shazzy told me he thot the band sucked bad and based on their ‘loose’ performance id say so too
but theyre damn successful they are in their own way overseas.
but in malaysia how so?
a true test is to have them play the next week same day etc go easy on assumptions n measure.
but theyre gone now and samsung got the promo for their mp3 players they wanted.
who chose architecture in helsinki to come in anyway?
i want to talk to the genius abt projectbazooka
as clubbing in msia becomes so damn mainstream
zouk n KLUE and others who are chasing the cool are developing the indie culture here
now if indie gigging culture here tipped like clubbing did our music industry will grow for sure.
i want to make it tip.
this is a good beginning.
im still a bit stung about my missing shoes or i would have definitely wore it that night.
twas a wierd night – the first damn time in my life so many people said hi to me at zouk… so many old friends i once forgot too… i guess like minds gravitate to each other i hope in the same vein some of my old friends google my damn name and find this site.

sorry i didnt bother to organise my thoughts in this post im just so tired on this market research project im heading for my uni on roti paratha and frozen spring rolls WOW IM SO DRIVEN.
cant wait till its over – then i will be project bazookaing 24/7.
yuri left to london so ill have to impersonate him for the next 10 days.
chase up bazooka contirbutors etc.
i got so pissed off after catching ‘jit happens again’ at actor studio bangsar.
not coz of the show.
its just this lack of sleep and careless driving led me wrong roads etc
i was almost at shah alam AGAIN.
im glad im home.
i hate roads.
n cars.

One comment on “incoherent observations from the architecture in helsinki gig

  1. khailee November 27, 2005 10:11 am

    soporific, jack… nice to meet you!

    they were HUGE when i was studying in San Francisco early in the year… and i ALMOST went to check em out when they played 10 minutes away from my place. id also like to think… their gig at zouk was a sign of things to come for Malaysia!

    yeah it wouldve been different if i grew onto their music before seeing them live… but there are some bands u hear for the first time LIVE and youre hooked – nevertheless, many of my favourite bands ive never caught live, but i still adore.

    abt being ‘loose’ haha i like live acts to go a lil crazy… let go and have fun… but u know how it is… some people might just call em loose! =P

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