A Serious Interview…

I just got back from an interview with the British Council Director of Culture, Science and Society and a Ministry of Youth and Sports rep for my latest ‘planned surprise’.

How did it go? Of course I feel I could’ve done better, you know, with the ‘better’ answers to their questions coming to me much after the interview.

It would have helped if

1. I wasn’t half an hour late, missing my scheduled interview, only to be slotted in later
2. Ridiculing my interviewer upon discovering he was on top of ‘Rakan Muda
3. I didn’t ramble on about Project Bazooka half the time
4. I didn’t crack so many lame jokes

On the bright side

1. I got to eat some breakfast while waiting to be reslotted
2. I got to the bottom of what happened to Rakan Muda
3. Two more people know about Project Bazooka
4. The interviewers laughed at one and a half of my jokes

I will know if I am one of the 10 chosen ones for an all expenses paid 10 day debate/activity/workshop in the Phillipines early next week – or not… being realistic, I have a chance… especially if everyone else appalls them as much.

But I won’t be disappointed if I don’t get it, knowing that ‘other’ adventures await me! Like getting a job. Haha

Special thanks to Peter Meyer and My Yarabenic for writing last-minute references for me =)

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