Somebody gets it worse

Ooh just when I started to complain… Somebody gets it worse. Check out his account of a fun, clean night in Soda interrupted by corrupt police nabbing his ass from Sri Hartamas, showing it to everyone in Pudu.

I am very sorry it happened to him.
My honest honest comments at theCICAK.

Btw, a similiar case happened to a bunch of my friends, and poor me has to wake up at 4am to bail their jailhouse ass… but they were kinda on ecstacy… so they probably deserved a bit more torture muahahah serves them right! Drugs is BADDDDD…

One comment on “Somebody gets it worse

  1. stel October 19, 2005 1:17 am

    did i tell you i was there in that raid? my urine was tested 100%negative.
    my friends who were caught and jailed however, for several it was their first time even in a club. they hardly drank, much less consume drugs. this is just ridiculous.

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