The Show I am in Goes on Air!!

11pm every Friday, 8TV (channel 18 on Astro)
11.30pm every Wednesday, TV3 (repeat of past Friday’s)

Details of competition here

Short video here.

See me victimised by cutting room crimes into something worse than what I really am. The show pits me in competition with 9 others for a job with EMI as a music executive, and a RM85,000 car. Need I say more? I am contractually bound not to, but really, I don’t know what the show will be like…

But I do know I look fat on TV, and my voice is geeky. Some may argue TV has nothing to do with this, but please let me blame something other than my genetic makeup.

WOW ITS SO EXCITING I get to be misjudged and criticised by 3 million other Malaysians who will forget me after they switch the channel, being reduced to a D-grade celebrity, and laugh at my own lame jokes. Sigh…

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