Locally made furniture very high quality-lah

I played furniture in my room. It was a real experience, something I would recommend. I meant Malaysian music makers Furniture. Was that the lamest pun or what? HAHA i love this

It must be my 5th listen and it still puts me in a happy- longing- relaxed- excited- trance, if that makes any sense. The last time I had this much fun was with Sigur Ros, then The Album Leaf, then Mum.

Very personally, I say… this is good music… ambient soundscapes with strong melodies. Offbeat uniqueness without jeapordising accessibility. A balance of

1. clever chord progressions in clean acoustic guitar
2. layers of interesting sounds (especially one i describe as ‘the murky underwater helicopter’)

While the sound has some way to go before killing me (in a good way), all the tracks are solid.

My favourite? ‘Now I’m Gonna Take a Vacation’ which is the second last track. It hits me like ‘Loomer’ or ‘Sometimes’ by My Bloody Valentine mixed with ‘The Crystal Lake’ by Grandaddy, in a very flattering way.

I caught them at Baybeats 2005 after reading about them, and then again at LaBodega where they delivered a smashing ‘acoustic’ set. I look forward to them pushing their music in 2 directions… catchier pop + cutting edge sound. It may seem contradictory, but I argue they are not mutually exclusive directions to head.

Till then, catch them to get the RM25 CD off them, or visit earsofa to find out where you can buy furniture. That was another KILLER PUN hhahaha

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