Best of internet radio?

Yo La Tengo – ‘Speeding Motorcycle’ was the coolest song I heard in a long time. It starts off with a radio talk show kinda thing, accepting callers. And one caller came on, starts to sing, with her voice sounding like a phone caller would… she then gets carried away with her song, and music comes in… the song ends with her realising she is on radio, asking ‘uh.. ar we done?’

The vocals were so sincere, uncontrolled, and emotional, something you would expect maybe from a Bright Eyes track.

Being in Malaysia doesn’t stop us from accessing the best of sincere, unpolished indie music, especially with commercial-free internet radio channels like

I got to know at a party in San Francisco. Here is the full track listing of my favourite channel in

If you get high on the good music they spin you can check out Epitonic as well. Another way to discover new music. Much of the music I listen to I discovered through that site…

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