absurdity strikes again!!!

Tsudden Tsunamis.
Hurricanes throwing civilisations into the dark ages.
Rapes, murders, sodomy.
On both children and animals.
That person on the San Francisco bus.
Your previous hairstyle.

There is always something ‘wrong’, something ‘crazy’, somewhere…
and just when a bit of compassion and empathy puts things in perspective, your hard disk crashes… Or at least mine did.

This kinda happened a few days ago, but I didnt accept it. I must have rebooted and poked my laptop 457 times before I brought it to the shop. And that person had to shake his head in the wrong direction. I remember everything happening in slow-motion… people walking by… salespeople speaking Cantonese… the moment I realised I have lost it all.

Friends have said…
“Yeah KhaiLee is in a band with his laptop.”
“KhaiLee’s life revolves around an Excel spreadsheet.”

True enough, losing personal research, artwork, recorded songs, university work, reminders, internet bookmarks, photos… I mean, I back up my stuff every few weeks, but this is a month or two worth of stuff I did not.

But I’m feeling ok. I attribute my quick recovery to a positive outlook in life and not being attached to the above. However, I am NOT looking forward to the hard work involved, recompiling the music industry related research + university homework.

Now, my crashed hard disk is a permanent feature on my wall, as a much needed, and painful reminder.

Please leave a comment if you can recommend data recovery services in PJ/KL. I had a quote… RM500 for my 40gb hard disk… absurd!!

One comment on “absurdity strikes again!!!

  1. tobias September 27, 2005 3:09 am


    sorry to hear that your harddrive broke down, but i can’t help you find computer repair guy in malaysia for quite obvious reasons…
    hope everything’s ok with you except that, i’m doin fine up here in the north even though school is kinda weird at the moment, lots of time spent in front of a computer doin research…
    nice site by the way, now that there actually are some content on it…
    keep me posted…

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