The Future Business of Malaysian Music

Months of personal research in this area + Inspiration from others that have already done so + Conversations with EMI music executives on many levels + Observation while working in the music industry = Khailee’s preaching about the reality of music and its business implications!!

A folder full of pieces of writings, numerous news articles, and some relevant academic works weighs heavily on my desktop. I need to plug it all together with good storytelling. This might take a month or two with my busy schedule, but I announce my intentions publicly so I won’t just forget about it haha.

The finished product will go on theCICAK before I push different versions to The Star, NST, and other business publications.

One comment on “The Future Business of Malaysian Music

  1. thisguy September 13, 2005 10:34 am

    i too have had many conversations with industry officials and read up on the topic. i tried to come up with a compilation of my opinion on it and wrote it a few months ago here :-

    dont know if it helps. looking forward for your piece.

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