The Awesome Gift Goodbye

Gerry leaves for the UK to pursue a Law degree.
Had a small farewell BBQ at her house the night before.

We have been good friends for about 8 years, so I owe it to her… I gave her a sincere gift straight from my heart: A BURNT CD FULL OF SONGS I DID NOT PAY FOR!!!

This gift idea is so awesome, totally cheap, yet very straight from the heart indeed… so very awesome an idea, every other one of her friends did the same. Now… she has a whole collection of burnt CDs to accompany her on her travels abroad! Whoa!


I’d like to think my songs suit her adventures better though. In sequential order: I took into consideration her tastes, which can be a bit emo screamo punkish at times, included some rarities, a tearjerker or two, and some of my ambient post-rock stuff at the end. Click on the pictures to see the awesome gift in full size, tracklisting included.

Wish you well, Gerry!

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