The geek part of me

According to First State of the Twitosphere in Malaysia, and “How long have you been tweeting”, I’m one of the first handful (maybe 20ish?) Malaysians who used Twitter, way back in 2006. @khailee

It’s dumb. But part of me feels like I’m the first man on the moon. I even did a “BOOYA” with hand gestures and all to the confused person beside me.

And then I stopped.

My ICQ number is 335339. That’s like 6 digits. I’ve never met anyone with 6 digits. Bet some of you don’t even know what ICQ is, do you? Not as 1337 as meeee…?

The same dumb part of me feels like I’m the first man on two freaking moons.

Then I stopped.

Acting like I’m part of history is good fun, but creating actual history should be pretty neat, too. Back to work…

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