Malaysian Jungle Mayhem

I knew I wanted to get out of the comforts of city life, but almost falling into a river? Climbing over barb wire fences? A wrong step off track left us removing leeches every 10 footsteps.

See Alex get into some kinky trouble! Watch this video (35 seconds), as Wen saves his ass, literally.

Wen’s shoes eventually gave way… the soles came off… probably bitten off by the leeches.

It was supposed to be a casual stroll amongst the trees! The Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) is a light and easy trek.

But Heavy rains + tropical jungles = Unclear paths + toppled trees + billions of leeches.

My hairy ankles didn’t help. Damn leeches. I’m fine with a bit of blood donation, as long as they don’t crawl into my crotch…

But we survive.

Only to kill ourselves again.

I don’t smoke! But I still have to breathe =(
My jungle crew were kind enough not to smoke near the taichi / qi gong / yoga / dragonball / levitation practising old folk. They may have gotten their ass kicked by energy waves.

For me, this is enough greenery for now.
I’m back in the city, where reality bites harder than leeches.

Happy New Year

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