My Christmas With James Brown

In the wee hours of Christmas morning, in a dingy smoke-filled karaoke room in SS2… I was prancing, and kicking, while delivering “I Feel Good (I got you)” a la James Brown. I thought I did a pretty good job. My drunk friends were dancing along.

Little did I know, the real James Brown was on a hospital bed in Augusta, drawing his dying breath. See the full story here.

How many other kooky Asian kids were acting like James Brown at the time of his death? I was shocked when I heard the news the next day. This is the very first time I attempted James Brown in karaoke. Usually I go for Meatloaf. Hmm let me Google to see if Meatloaf is okay.

I will think of James Brown now and again, as he pops up on my office iPod playlist too often. Although I didn’t know him personally, or pay RM400 to see him when he came down to Kuala Lumpur last year, he sure is a cool dude.

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.” (That was the tagline for Gladiator, one of my fave movies)

On a related note, I remember when Peter Drucker passed, I blogged about that, too.

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